For those who never practiced Kundalini yoga, I can only say, try it out, have the experience. I was hooked from first class and it was mainly due to having such a great teacher as Hari Karam. His yoga classes truly come from the heart; you can feel the care and energy shared in each class, make them each a unique experience.

His life experiences also make him a perfect human being to talk to about any topic in life, he will not tell you what to do but provide you with the right tools to empower you and help yourself, which brings a magical sense of confidence and acceptance of what life brings to you.

[These classes have been] very inspirational, truly an encouragement to pursue the happiness I was searching for within me and to go beyond self-built-limitations.

– Natalia Blas


I was very lucky to learn Kundalini in a very informal class put together by a small group of close friends. Hari was exactly the kind of teacher we were looking for and we've stuck with him ever since. In every lesson you can sense his love for Kundalini. And he has the rare ability to make you feel completely immersed inside your mind and body. The classes are a very intense physical and psychological experience and Hari always knows when to be demanding, make great jokes and let you be quiet. He has a true satisfaction in guiding you though the experience and quenching your thirst for learning more, always having an answer for your questions and wonderings. Thank you Hari

– Luisa Martelo


I have been several times in Hari Karam's kundalini yoga class…really enjoyable time for my body and soul. This is a person who really gives his heart to his work. One of the yogis who inspired me to do teacher training…

— Valerij Svet


Been to this man's yoga class and I can tell you, there is always laughter, plenty of sweat and you always leave withe a big smile. Sat Nam Hari Karam.

— Max Walker


Hari teaches with a joy and sincerity which leads to a sense of peace, happiness and calm. Hari has helped build my confidence, knowledge and a sense of having touched the soul.

— Amanda Johnson


Hari Karam Singh is one of the best kundalini teachers I know of. His classes are really enjoyable, very powerful, and with amazing music. I often have vivid dreams the night after the class. I 100% recommend practicing with him if you are lucky enough to be able to do so. Also don’t forget to try his recipe for yogi tea!

— Arabella Williams


Thank you for an amazing lesson! It will always remain etched in my mind, the hour and half flew by with ease, helped by the guiding explanations and subtle teachings. Hari Karam demonstrates his passion for kundalini yoga with his teaching and service to the community... An excellent teacher.

— Shusheel aka Bhagti Puran (KY teacher)