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Kundalini Yoga Live Stream via Facebook

I’m planning on reviving these soon. We just had a baby :) and also need to upgrade the internet at home. Sign up to the email list (bottom of the page) to get the latest updates… -HKS

Every Thursday, 6:30–8pm
Via my @HKSYogi Facebook page

Just turn up at 6:30pm BST (London time) and wait for the notification (make sure you "Like" and "Follow" the page)...

In accordance with what I've been taught I ask you to make a donation of any size for attending the class or watching it later...

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Itragashtam Tatragashtam – "Come empty-handed, leave empty-handed." - Bhagavad Gita.

Suggested amount: 50%-100% of the cost of a yoga class in your location. But please don't let cost be a factor if you are struggling. Anything will do..

Amount is in Pounds Sterling (GBP).  1 GBP ~= $1.30, 1.12€, 95₨, 145¥, 90₽ (approx only. Please check online for exact rates)



Joy Yoga Dalston

"Warrior" Kundalini Yoga @ Joy Yoga, Dalston

Fridays 5–6pm
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This is a short and punchy one hour class with an aim to make your body sweat before collecting the mind and spirit together in a brief gong relaxation and meditation. Beginners welcome — you all have a "spiritual warrior" in you ;)



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To enquire about one-to-one or private group sessions, please get in touch at hksyogi@gmail.com


Been to this man's yoga class and I can tell you, there is always laughter, plenty of sweat and you always leave with a big smile.

— Max Walker