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Man-to-Man: Powerful Kundalini Yoga and Men’s Discussion

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Joy Yoga, Dalson
27 July 2019 — 2-5pm
August: away
September: TBC
Cost: Donation
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What is it to be a Man? …in relation to a Woman? …in relation to other Men? …in family and community? …active in the World? These aren’t easy topics to tackle in these sensitive times, yet self-denial of our core nature as souls-in-bodies weakens us, and denies us the satisfaction of a harmonious life. Yet if we can understand our nature as Men and dare to live it, honourably and courageously, then we can achieve contentment in our lives and peace in our relationships. Collectively we can begin to redress the many ills of corrupted masculinity in our world.

Let’s come together as Men to practice specifically tailored yoga kriyas and meditations. We will learn from teachers past and present and from our own collective wisdom through open discussion. This workshop is for men only.

Getting Real With Anger
A Kundalini Yoga Workshop

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Joy Yoga, Dalson
13 July 2019 — 2-5pm
Cost: £25

Anger is a natural human emotion, one with great wisdom and transformative potential, yet as a culture, we’re pretty rubbish at working with it. In our public persona we hide it, repress it, externalise it, blame with it, shame with it. At home, it slips out as passive aggression or builds up pressure and erupts like a volcano, bringing with it all of our inner trauma and pain. Inside ourselves we ignore its existence until it’s toxic radiation seeps out into our physical health: skin conditions, poor digestion, stress and anxiety….

Let’s get real with anger: understand it’s message, learn how to express it, and work to release the stagnating debris from emotions long held in the body and psyche. In this workshop we’ll get hands-on with anger, working with group techniques, Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to allow us be true to every moment and therefore free to move forward without dragging the heavy load of the past.

Kundalini Yoga Intensive

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Retreat Yoga
6th July 2019, 2–4pm
Cost: £25
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Kundalini Yoga is known as the "mother of all yogas". It incorporates all of the elements that were originally part of the ancient practice of yoga including asana (posture), mudra (gesture), mantra (sound), meditation and kriya (subtle energy work).

Together these techniques form a powerful practice that is refreshingly different in the modern landscape of Hatha-derived practices. In this 2 hour introductory workshop we'll explore how Kundalini Yoga can give us practical tools to deal with the challenges of modern living, to heal our physical and emotional wounds, and to elevate our consciousness out of our mundane, everyday troubles into the blissful experience of Now.

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Gong and Sound Baths

Sunflower Centre, Brockley, SE London

July (tbc)
Sundays, 5:30-6:30pm
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Joy Yoga Dalston

"Warrior" Kundalini Yoga @ Joy Yoga, Dalston

Fridays 5–6pm
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This is a short and punchy one hour class Kundalini Yoga class sometimes with gong relaxation and meditation. Beginners welcome — you all have a "spiritual warrior" in you ;)

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Been to this man's yoga class and I can tell you, there is always laughter, plenty of sweat and you always leave with a big smile.

— Max Walker