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One-to-One Kundalini Yoga & Consultations


One-to-One Kundalini Yoga

If you live near Central or SE London, and feel you’d benefit from private, one-to-one sessions from your home, work or other private space, get in touch via the details below. My current base rate is £75 for a 90 min session. A surcharge may be required for some locations and times.

If you have any questions or wish to enquire about a session, please get it touch via the links below…

Private Counselling

Often when we struggle with a problem, the solution lies not in the external circumstances themselves but in our perspective on them. If we can achieve the clarity and strength needed to make the inner adjustments, then the outside will eventually resolve of its own accord.

These private consultations will assist you in seeing your circumstances from a broader perspective. In that expansiveness, relaxation occurs and dis-ease is released.

I charge £65 for a one hour session. In-person visits may require a surcharge depending on the location and time. To enquire about a session, contact me via the links below.

Contact Hari Karam Singh

His yoga classes truly come from the heart; you can feel the care and energy shared in each class…His life experiences also make him a perfect human being to talk to about any topic in life, he will not tell you what to do but provide you with the right tools to empower you and help yourself, which brings a magical sense of confidence and acceptance of what life brings to you.

– Natalia B., London