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There’s So Much More in the Genre of Meditation than Just Sitting Still and Doing Nothing

As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, often I meet people and get into a conversation about meditation. Sometimes they confide in me, somewhat disheartened, that they’ve tried to meditate but “just couldn’t get into it”. They say things like that they couldn’t sit comfortably, that they were too fidgety or that their mind was too busy to meditate. Sometimes they say that they found it just plain boring…

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Relaxation is the Opposite of Meditation

In 2011 I was an organiser of a big summer event in London called Meditation in the Park. Another yoga teacher and I were doing the event in collaboration with the ecologist who maintained the park and long-term local resident who was a jovial and well-respected man and local cause supporter. His name was Steve and he had a wonderful, generous and open-hearted spirit, but for the sake of this story it need be known that this whole yoga/meditation thing was a bit new to him…

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