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Walking the Spiritual Path (An Interview with KYTA)

I’ve had a lifelong interest in all things mystical and the combination of a growing discontent with modern life and my “recreational” activities in university had led me to begin studying Eastern esoterism. After graduating in 2002, I came to London to pursue a career in music. Between the financial and the culture shock, it was not an easy time. One day my new flatmate said she was going to a “Kundalini Yoga” class up the road in Stoke Newington and asked me if I’d like to come. I had no interest in “yoga”, stereotypically believing it to be just the modern aerobics (oh the irony!) BUT “kundalini” is a word I had come across in my readings and interested me immensely so I went. From the first tuning in, I knew I had found something special...

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