Gong & Sound Baths, Autumn 2019

Gong & Sound Baths with Hari Karam & Madeleine

Gong & Sound Bath Dates, Autumn 2019

Sundays, 5:15 to 6:30pm @ Sunflower Centre Brockley
£12.50 / £10 conc.
RSVP via emailing samadhi.gong@gmail.com

  • 6th October 2019

  • 10th November 2019

  • 8th December 2019

About Gong Meditation

The gong is a tool of meditation and healing. It's complex layers of sound dance and interweave creating echoes of ocean waves evolving to a lions roar. Angelic harmonies and heart strung cries arise and fade in a vast metallic sea of crystalline sound. The sound is like no other — said to resemble that of our very core consciousness. It washes through you, removing dis-ease from the body and causing every cell to vibrate in harmony. The feeling is ecstatic and the effect is deeply healing.  The gong purifies the mind, cutting through thoughts and leaving us in the original tranquility of the pure experience of simply being.

Participants generally come and lie on the floor, cover up with a light blanket and simply enjoy the experience. Some sound bath sessions may also mix in other sound instruments such as wind chimes, mouth harps, crystal bowls. They may also incorporate voice, mantra, and traditional instruments. Sometimes there may be light warm-ups and breathing exercises to prepare as well.