Stop Resisting the Gifts of Life – GBKYF 2018 Debrief

I must confess that when my lovely partner became involved with organising the Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival this year and wanted me to take 6 days out of my schedule to go with her I was a touch reluctant. Not anything personal to the festival but I have my projects, my work and my goals etc, etc,….always so busy!  Then, when one of the organisers had to leave the team and they called me up to take on the role of Teen Camp Facilitator, I thought, “Can I really do this with my schedule and all I'm trying to accomplish?” but despite my concerns, I said "Yes". After all, the organisers were in a bind, and teaching our youth is something I believe in strongly.

So in the end, after dragging my heals the entire way, I went to the festival all 6 days, from setup to breakdown. And…. what an amazing time! Inspiring, upliftingheart opening, expansive, rejuvenating, cosy, transcendent and mystical! The venue at St Albans is an old monastery steeped in stained glass alchemical symbolism of our nearly extinct western spiritual heritage which speaks the language of the yogi for those who know how to translate it — the mystical Circle Cross dropping into the Holy Grail, the cup of immortality. The grounds are lush with green and the ancient trees keeping watch over the centuries. And the community of yogis, a rare gathering of real people, devoid of excess commercialism, sponsorship, egos and agendas and infused from top to bottom with joy.

There were many amazing teachers there and topics covered, double gong and sound baths, beautiful mantra and music and most importantly a community spirit of people exploring the boundaries beyond the mundane and seeking the deepest connection possible to their own souls in connection with one another. It was a place of healing, of learning, of true growth and warm friendships both old and new….

I can’t imagine not having those 6 wonderful days in my memory and being. How stingy we can be to our soul sometimes in pursuit of our “grand” achievements! I’m reminded humbly how Providence will take care of you even when you fight it the whole way. And I’m reminded once again how vital it is to take regular time out in spirit nourishing environments if we wish to maintain a healthy perspective on life.  

I hope you all can make it next year. Thank you Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival!