Great British Kundalini Yoga Festival 2018

There are going to be many wonderful teachers here. See the website for the full schedule. Below is my involvements... 

Saturday — 2.5 hour workshop on the yogic concept of Pratyahar (see below)
Sunday — Fire Ceremony
Monday Evening — Double Gong Bath
Tuesday (5am) — Leading Group Sadhana and music with @Samadhi Gong

Plus I'll be facilitating the Teen Schedule... 

Come for one day or any number thereof. The venue and its grounds are beautiful! Let me know if you are coming and we can grab a Yogi Tea together :)

Book your tickets here: 

Pratyahar: The essence of the Raj Yoga path
A Workshop with Hari Karam Singh

Re man eh bidh jog kamao
Oh my mind, practice yoga this way

— Guru Gobind Singh

Pratyahar is the technique of synchronising the senses and mind to the One through the Zero. It is a fundamental limb of the yogic path, described by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras. In practice, pratyahar embodies the skills necessary to access the otherwise ineffable reality of “God and Me, Me and God are One”.  In this workshop we’ll discuss the numerous facets of pratyahar, and work with kriyas and meditations to cultivate this  state of being. We’ll also learn simple habits we can incorporate into our daily lives that help to elevate us out of the mundane into the extraordinary version of every moment.